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Stay on top of your search process with Rolepad. Track every job opportunity, document each step, and visualize your overall progress with ease.

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Opportunity management platform

Companies use sophisticated applicant tracking systems. Rolepad levels the playing field by giving candidates the tools to manage their search process - at no cost!

Opportunity tracking

Keep tabs on all job opportunities you apply for or get contacted about.

All the data

Capture compensation, location, interview status, contact details, and more.

Notes and follow-ups

Log your impressions, correspondence, and follow-up actions in one place.

Progress visualization

Generate a diagram highlighting your job search journey over time.

Social sharing

Share your progress with others without revealing sensitive information.

System of record

Manage the entire process on the platform, accessible from desktop and mobile.
Is it really free?
Yes! Hiring processes often come with inefficiencies and frustrations that impact both candidates and hiring teams. Rolepad aims to address many of these challenges and help both parties find the right fit as quickly as possible. The platform will be supported by future commercial offerings geared towards organizations seeking new talent. There are no plans to charge candidates any fees, so you are welcome to use Rolepad as extensively as you would like.
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Still relying on emails and spreadsheets?

There is a better way

Rolepad is provided free of charge to help individuals stay organized throughout their job search journey. You can start using the platform immediately - all you need is a valid email address. What are you waiting for?

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