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Whether you are actively looking for a job or not, Rolepad gives you the tools to stay organized and informed when opportunity knocks. It's free, easy, and convenient.

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Track all the data

Capture every job application and incoming opportunity. Record company facts, role details, interview stages, contact information, freeform notes, follow-up actions and more - all in one place.

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Streamline your correspondence

Organize your conversations with recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers by sending the emails to save@rolepad.com.

Or forward them to no@rolepad.com to decline with an automated response.

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Visualize your progress

Generate a diagram highlighting your job search journey over time. Share your progress with others without revealing sensitive information.

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Share feedback and reviews

Were the interviews difficult? How quickly did the company respond? What was your offer like?

Share private feedback with the company or submit an anonymous review. Explore the Reviews to gain insight into company hiring processes.

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“This has been the most straightforward, easiest, lowest friction tracker I've encountered, ever :)”
Chris H., Software Engineer

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Track every job opportunity, capture the key details, visualize your progress, and gain critical insight from other applicants. Rolepad gives you job search superpowers.
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